St Martin’s Rosé


The St Martin’s rosé is an original blend of Black Hamburg and Regent grape varieties which produces a wine with a light floral nose followed by a burst of summer fruit flavours. Crisp with a pleasing finish, our rose provides an ideal indulgence on a warm summer day!

  • Style: Easy-drinking rose 

    ABV: 10%

    Year: 2018

    Grape Varieties: This is an unique wine in that it is a blend between Regent and a desert grape - Black Hamburg. Carefully balancing these two varieties has allowed us to create a delicate yet indlgent wine.

    Tasting Notes: The nose is floral, with hints of strawberry. Crisp and light bodied, the taste in the mouth is fruit-driven with summer berries.

    Drinking Suggestions: It is best enjoyed chilled on a summer's day, but also compliments makes a perfect accompaniment to Mediterranean food.

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