Tours & Tastings

From mid-July we will be offering self-guided tours and tastings on St Martin's Vineyard. We are currently working on the measures and precautions which will be put in place to keep you, and us, and the island community safe and more updates will be posted here when these have been finalised.

Self-guided Tours and Tastings

On our self-guided tours you can follow the wine-trail around the vineyard to learn about the viticulture and wine making we carry out here on the vineyard.

Self-guided tours cost £7 per person with children free of charge - at the end of your walk there will be a complimentary tasting of five different wines produced right here on St Martin's vineyard.

Opening Times for the week commencing 29th June 2020

Directions from Lower Town Quay

Make your way along the main road which runs east from Lower Town, passing through Middle Town and on into Higher Town. Follow directions towards Higher Town Quay, passing downhill through a beautiful elm-arched track to bring you out by the beach. Turn left and follow the sandy track around Pool Green cricket pitch, with Par Beach on your right hand side. From this point, you can follow the directions below...

Directions from Higher Town Quay

Turn right when you leave the quay and head along the sandy track which skirts the cricket pitch known as Pool Green with Par Beach on your right hand side. Continue past Adam's Fish and Chip Shop and Little Arthur Bistro - the vineyard is the next turn-off to the left.

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