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St Martin's Vineyard

Isles of Scilly

"Perhaps the most idyllic spot in Britain to raise a glass and toast the view"

Countryfile Magazine, 2022


Tours & Tastings


We will be opening for the season on Sunday 7th April 2024 - follow the link below to find out more about visiting us for tours, tastings and sales!


Our shop is open reguarly throughout the season exclusively selling vineyard produce - think of us as a boozy Farm Shop!

Stock varies throughout the year depending on availability and harvest, but includes single-variety apple juice, St Martin's wine, sparkling cider, our own beers produced in our nano-brewery here on the vineyard, apple cider vinegar and blackberry liqueur.

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The vineyard is a haven for wildlife including rare arable flora, Scilly shrews, bats, butterflies and a thriving songbird population - the interpretation boards around the Vine Trail will introduce you to some of these. 

We put sustainability at the heart of everything we do, and were awarded 'Highly Commended' in the 2022 Cornwall Sustainability Awards (CSA).

Shepherds Huts

We built our shepherds huts by hand in a quiet corner of the vineyard - with everything you need to a self-catering week away on St Martin's, they are the ideal base from which to explore the islands.

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The Vineyard

On south-facing slopes, a stone's throw from the sea, lies St Martin's Vineyard - a unique coastal vineyard and winery working towards organic production of white, red and rose wines.

The Winemakers

Leaving behind the landlocked Midlands, James and Holly moved to the island of St Martin's in 2020 to take on guardianship of this special vineyard which was first planted here back in 1996. 

Blue sky and blue sea around a sandy beach with rocky outcrops - this is Great Bay on St Martins, Scilly

St Martin's, Scilly

The Isles of Scilly lie 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall - once you reach Land's End, simply keep going! St Martin's is one of the smaller inhabited islands boasting stunning sandy beaches, unique flora and wildlife, and outstanding local produce.

Our Wines

Our still wines are matured for 2-3 years before serving - in 2023 we have been serving a combination of 2020 and 2021 wines on our Tasting Flights.

Wines are available exclusively on the vineyard as tasting flights, wine by the glass or to purchase by the bottle (subject to availability).

Unfortunately we are not offering mail order wine at present.


St Martin's Reserve (2021 Vintage)

This wine is a special blend of our Siegerrebe and Orion varieties. The soft blush colour comes from the ruby-red Siegerrebe grapes which also impart the delicious passion-fruit flavour so characteristic of this wine. The style is off-dry and easy-drinking with notes of apricot and lychee.

Framed by vineyard wildflowers including dandelion, hawkweed, creeping buttercup and yellow rattle.

Views from the Vineyard

If you head over to our Instagram page, you can follow the vineyard as we move through the seasons. Below are some of our recent highlights...

St Martin's Rosé (2022 Vintage)

This wine is truly unique - primarily produced from the Regent grape variety, we have also included a splash of the dessert grape Black Hamburg which comes from a 100-year old vine here on the island. This dry rosé has hints of caramel, toffee and strawberry on the nose, with bold black cherry and almond flavours.

Framed here by vineyard wildflowers including fumitory, wild rose, bindweed, white clover and sheep's sorrel.


St Martin's Red (2021 Vintage)

This delicious, fruity red is produced from a blend of the Rondo and Regent grape varieties which ripen beautifully with long days of Scillonian sunshine. With lots of juicy dark fruit flavours and a long, smooth finish, the flavour profile will continue to develop as the wine matures.

Framed by vineyard wildflowers including foxglove, clover, dove's foot cranesbill, Yorkshire fog and red campion.

St Martin's White (2021 Vintage)

This wine is primarily produced from our Seyval Blanc and Orion varieties with a hint of Madeleine Angevine also in the blend. This is an elegant, dry white with flavours of citrus and green apple and a smooth crisp finish.

Framed here by vineyard wildflowers including ox-eye daisy, white clover, wild rose, mouse-ear, common hogweed and Yorkshire fog.


Views from the Vineyard

If you head over to our Instagram page, you can follow the vineyard as we move through the seasons. Below are some of our recent highlights...

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