St Martin's Vineyard

Isles of Scilly

Tours & Tastings

We are delighted to be able to open our outdoor space for self-guided tours and tastings from 12th April 2021 - take a look at our visit page for more information.

New this year - we are pleased to be able to offer gift vouchers for tours and tastings. These make a great gift to make that stay on St Martin's extra special!


The Vineyard

On south-facing slopes, a stone's throw from the sea, lies St Martin's Vineyard - a unique coastal vineyard and winery working towards organic production of white, red and rose wines.

The Winemakers

Leaving behind the landlocked Midlands, James and Holly moved to the island of St Martin's in 2020 to take on guardianship of this special vineyard which was first planted here back in 1996. 

Blue sky and blue sea around a sandy beach with rocky outcrops - this is Great Bay on St Martins, Scilly

St Martin's, Scilly

The Isles of Scilly lie 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall - once you reach Land's End, simply keep going! St Martin's is one of the smaller inhabited islands boasting stunning sandy beaches, unique flora and wildlife, and outstanding local produce.

Biodiversity and Organic Production

The vineyard is a haven for wildlife including rare arable flora, Scilly shrews and a thriving songbird population. After years of minimal inputs, we are taking the next step towards Organic certification in 2020.

Light pink flowers of small-flowered catchfly with a blurred green background

Our Wines

Our wines are currently available only here on St Martin's, Isles of Scilly - we are a small, boutique producer and quantities vary through the season and from year to year. We will be re-opening our online cellar door soon but in the meantime, it's just one more reason to book your visit to our beautiful island this summer!

This Week on the Vineyard

We use this space to share our impressions of the vineyard as it moves through the season. We thought that the key aspects of wine tasting would be a fun basis for a sensory shapshot!


Spring flowers poking through the grass, songbirds picking through the compost, woody vines


The continous sound of the sea on the shore of Par Beach, the return of the dawn chorus, electric hedge clippers!


Springtime foraging on St Martin's - wild leek, sea spinach, three cornered leek and self-set rocket


The scent of hedge clippings which we shred and compost; the fresh breeze from the sea, warm polytunnnels in the sun

Views from the Vineyard

If you head over to our Instagram page, you can follow the vineyard as we move through the seasons. Below are some of our recent highlights...