Tours & Tastings

We are very pleased to be open again for self-guided tours, wine tasting flights and wine by the glass in 2021. Indoor renovation works are still ongoing which means that all activities are outside for the first half of the season - we are therefore setting opening days for the week ahead each Saturday morning to pick the best weather for an al fresco experience!

Self-guided Tours and Tastings

On our self-guided tours you can follow the vine-trail around the vineyard to learn about the viticulture & wine-making that happens here on the vineyard.

Wine tasting includes a flight of St Martin's Vineyard wines - all produced right here on the vineyard.

The self-guided tour and tasting combined costs £10  per person and £1 per child under 16. If you just want to explore the vineyard, or only have time for a tasting flight, these cost just £6 per person.

This Week's Opening Times

Opening Hours
Opening hours are announced for the week ahead each Saturday morning. This gives us chance to check the boating schedules as well as the forecast for the week ahead and pick the best weather conditions for an enjoyable al fresco experience. The opening days for this week can be found in the table above.

Bookings and Capacity

Booking, whilst not essential, would be greatly appreciated - you can do so online here. We ask that bookings are only entered for dates and times listed on the website. We do have a maximum capacity for wine tasting at any one time, in common with most establishments serving food and drink. If you book with us in advance, we can secure you a slot - otherwise there may be a short delay at busy times whilst we undertake cleaning between visitors.

The Vineyard Tour

The vineyard tours are self-guided - we will welcome you to the vineyard and introduce the site, then set you off with a guidebook which takes you around a signposted Vine Trail from the first fields planted back in 1996 through to the top of the vineyard with beautiful views out over the Eastern Isles. The guide will introduce the history of the site, the varieties planted, the viticulture and wine making we undertake here as well as information on the wildlife and our sustainable approach.

Wine Tasting

Either at the end of a tour, or as an activity in itself, we offer wine tasting - this will be outdoors on picnic tables spaced over 2m apart to allow appropriate social distancing. Your flight of St Martin's Vineyard wines will be brought to your table along with tasting notes which tell you about the wine itself and the varieties from which the wine is made. At the end of the tasting you can leave the glasses on your table - we will collect glasses, sterilise them and clean the tables between visitors.

Shop and Visitor Centre

To prioritise safety as the islands welcome visitors back in 2021, and due to ongoing interior renovation works, we will not be opening any indoor spaces in the first part of the season - this includes the shop and the winery.

Toilet Facilities

We do have a toilet onsite for patrons of the vineyard - the nearest public toilets are located just a five minute walk along the track at Higher Town quay.

Weather Conditions

All seating is outdoors and in the open. Our opening days are guided by the forecast for the week ahead and hopefully we can avoid rain showers and cloud! When the weather forecast is poor - either with rain or strong winds - we will offer alternative opening days for that particular week to coincide with better conditions. 

What to do when you arrive

When you arrive, head in through the gate and you'll see the sign where we'll ask you to stop and ring the bell - we will come out to you!

We will confirm contact details and payment (contactless preferred), answer any questions you may have, and then direct you to the beginning of the Vine Trail.

COVID safety measures during your visit


The Vine Trail is one-way but there is always opportunity to linger and explore - there is plenty of space on the site and the tracks are wide so we ask that you exercise common sense and maintain social distancing when encountering other visitors within the vineyard.

Hand-sanitisers will be provided at the entrance, exit and at the wine tasting tables. We encourage the use of masks in areas where the risk of close proximity is greatest - this is especially around the entrance/exit and wine tasting area.

If you are feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms of COVID prior to your visit, please do not attend. If you feel unwell during your visit, or after, please let us know straight away. St Martin's and the Isles of Scilly have a comprehensive plan in place should a visitor have COVID symptoms during their stay here - please ensure you are familiar with this guidance before attending.


Well-behaved dogs are welcome on the vineyard but must be kept on a lead at all times (we have two vineyard cats!). We also ask that you clear up after them please.

Directions from Lower Town Quay

Make your way along the main road which runs east from Lower Town, passing through Middle Town and on into Higher Town. Follow directions towards Higher Town Quay, passing downhill through a beautiful elm-arched track to bring you out by the beach. Turn left and follow the sandy track around Pool Green cricket pitch, with Par Beach on your right hand side. From this point, you can follow the directions below...

Directions from Higher Town Quay

Turn right when you leave the quay and head along the sandy track which skirts the cricket pitch known as Pool Green with Par Beach on your right hand side. Continue past Adam's Fish and Chip Shop and Little Arthur Bistro - the vineyard is the next turn-off to the left.